A lesson taught by an 8 year old

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Preston and I were having a "discussion" today about how if you always want more or what you have doesn't satisfy you then that is considered being selfish. The whole point I was trying to make is selfishness and greed are not good, but I don't think I succeeded; however I think God turned those pointing fingers right back around at me. I got to thinking about when I talk to my Father how I say "God do this", "can you please do that", "I would like this", and "it would make life easier if it was..." WOW what I shock. Here I am fussing and complaining with Preston that a coke and chips are enough and not to ask for more and when I talk to God all I do is ask for the outrageous and the miracles. I forget to thank Him for those answered prayers and give him control of all my life even the small stuff. I just hit Him with the big stuff and move on. I need to learn to stop and say thank you without wanting more in return.