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I have been obsessed with quotes that fit my life lately. I have tons on my bulletin board at work. I happened to look up at them today and one jumped off the board at me. It was

"Our problems are opportunities to discover God's solutions."

We sometimes don't always see where our situation is headed but God does. He knows how everything is going to work and and where everything has been. He sees the BIG picture when we only see what is right in front of our faces especially if it is a problem or a traumatic situation we are facing. God uses every situation and every situation helps us grow.

Think about it like a math problem. You are working on the problem and your friend sitting beside you comes up with the solution quickly why you are still working on it five minutes later. It all comes down to how your friend viewed the problem, what course he took and how he used all his components. Same with GOD!!!! We don't see things through His eyes. We need to trust and wait for HIS solution.