Modern day Andrew and Peter

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Harrison has had a heart for the unsaved since he accepted Jesus into His heart. The first question out of his mouth after he prayed was “Is Preston (his little brother) going to hell?” Harrison was only 6 at the time. The night that Preston was saved, Harrison walked with him down the isle at church. Harrison hit his knees before he even got to the alter. His little heart was breaking for the unsaved specifically his brother. When he finished his prayer, Preston shared the news that he had asked Jesus into to his heart and the church got a glimpse of how the angels in heaven must rejoice. Harrison didn’t stop crying until we got home from church. The tears of joy seemed to flow naturally for him. Our pastor compared them to Peter and Andrew and allowed Harrison to help his PawPaw baptize his little brother. My question to us as adults is when have we been that burdened for a soul? When have we cried tears of joy for a newly saved soul? When have we been like Andrew and brought our brother to the Lord? I think it is time for us to return to the innocence of our childhood so that we may do the work of God.