Thankful Thursday...

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Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

1. I am thankful that I am the daughter of a King!!!!!

2. I am thankful that my Deddy made it easy for me to believe and see how my Heavenly Father loves and treats me.

3. I am thankful that in a life of chaos God saw fit to give me two of the best gifts in the world-my boys.

4. I am thankful that even when I feel alone-I know that God is there with his arms all around me.

5. I am thankful that when I try to run, God just stands at the screen door and smiles....He knows I will be back.


Karen said...

Heartwarming words!

Yolanda said...

#5, what comfort and joy.


Linda C said...

I love your thankful list- #5 is a memorable word picture:) Thanks!

Happy TT!

Linda C